Kick off the New Year with a Healthier You

So Christmas is over and your body may be begging you for a change of pace and a lot of TLC this New Year. You might be opting for a dry January, trying the coach potato to 5K, or you may have decided to make just a few small changes.

Whatever you fancy, we’ve put together some tips (and product ideas) to get your body and mind in tip top condition.

Healthy body – some basics

Make a few small changes for a month and you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make to how you look and feel.

Drink more water (your body is made up of over 70% of water after all … at least it was before Christmas). Water will keep you hydrated and help your body flush out those nasties you’ve been eating and drinking over the festive season.

If you’re not ready for a dry January, cut down on the alcohol instead – maybe aim for a couple of glasses a week so you don’t miss out. Alcohol dehydrates the body and makes your organs work super-hard so they’ll appreciate the break.

Try to wean yourself off tea and coffee because they can dehydrate the body too. Have you tried hot water with a slice or refreshing lemon first thing in the morning or maybe some herbal tea? Pukka have a great range of herbal teas and there’s even a special detox tea if you fancy (we’re loving it at BGS Towers).


If - like the rest of us - you've really over-indulged - (it was the season to eat, drink and be merry after all) … and you’ve been left feeling tired, bloated or uncomfortable, you could try a supplement to support your digestive system as it recovers. Biocare Acidophilus has over 10 billion bacteria in every capsule (now that’s a lot of little helpers). Or, if you fancy something sweeter, Manuka Honey is said to promote healthy gut bacteria and can balance your digestive system (an essential for health and wellbeing). It tastes great with hot water and lemon – just add a teaspoon or two.

If you feel like your body needs a New Year boost in a particular area, maybe try a vitamin or mineral supplement to help it – find out more about what you need here.

Hardly needs saying but … make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg (and if you want to avoid toxins wash your reds, yellows and greens with one of our natural fruit and veg washes before you do).

Try to cut down on processed meats and packaged foods which are often packed with hidden sugars, salts and fats that are not good for the body (or figure). If you’re cooking, pick healthier oils like coconut, and if you want to know why, we tell you here.

Try a little exercise … get out the Fitbit, Misfit or those new trainers and get that blood pumping. Movement can improve circulation, which in turns brings fresh oxygenated blood to your organs and tissues, revitalising them (and you)! Don’t worry we’re not talking marathons, a brisk walk should do it. And if your muscles are aching after all that hard work, try one of these balms, oils, rubs or baths.

Indulge your body as you clean up

No, it’s still not time for more chocs and cocktails, here are some ideas for ways to indulge your body as you detox (and help it along while you do).

After a long day there's nothing like a soak in the tub. But did you know, adding a few bath salts to your bath water can actually improve circulation, open up the pores and help to cleanse away dirt or sweat and yep, you guessed it, toxins? We like the sound of that. Or if you don’t like salts try something a little different like Tisserand Detox Bath, it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians and smells of Juniper, zesty Lemon and revitalising Black Pepper (yum).

Before your soak try a natural body scrub - they can help rejuvenate skin, remove dead cells and get the blood flowing helping to cleanse your other organs (yes, really). We’ve got a huge collection of body scrubs at BigGreenSmile here, including Weleda Birch Body Scrub which encourages the bodies natural detoxification process.

Out with the old … in with the new. Moisturising your skin can help your body to shed those old dead cells more effectively, which in turn can give your skin a healthy glow. We’ve got a lots of lotions and butters here, and you’ll know from our article on beauty oils that they can help aid absorption of moisture into the skin making your moisturiser work even harder.  

Detox your home

Finally, while you’re cleansing your body, why not do the same with your home? We’ve got a huge selection of eco-cleaning products that are free from nasties and they smell great too. Why not start gradually and replace as you clean? You won’t look back .

Check out our eco products for doing the laundry, dishes, and multi-purpose cleaners, or how about starting small and changing your cleaning cloths or trying some bio-degradable bags ? See our full department here.

So that’s it – Happy New Year from the BigGreenSmile team and here’s to a new healthier you (and home)!