Our guide to bleach-free cleaning products

Bleach Free cleaning products You may have seen that bleach and other disinfectants have been in the news lately. A recent study published in The Guardian found that using bleach or a similar product just once a week could increase your risk of developing chronic lung disease by as much as 32%. The study took place over 30 years, and looked at more than 55,000 nurses in the US. While the media focused mainly on bleach, several other disinfectants were found to be equally harmful. Hydrogen peroxide, glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds were just some of the chemicals linked to a greater risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  





Pretty scary stuff right?

You’ll be happy to know that at Big Green Smile we have a blanket ban on all harsh chemicals. So, if you’re ready to make the switch to safer household cleaning products, read on for some of our recommendations.


Bleach-free multipurpose sprays

If you like fragranced cleaning products, try Marcel’s Green Soap All Purpose Spray in Patchouli & Cranberry. It’s a 100% natural multipurpose cleaner, scented with organic essential oils. We’re a big fan of Marcel’s Green Soap here at Big Green Smile. Everything always smells fantastic; the Dutch brand adheres to high ethical credentials; and the products really work.


Looking for a natural anti-bacterial spray? Try Method Anti-Bac. The key ingredient is a naturally-derived lactic acid formula that smells like rhubarb. Hard to believe, we know, but it really does. Our customers love it. One told us, “Very efficient. Smells soooo good too. A little goes a very long way. Would highly recommend this product.”


Kitchen cupboard essentials

One of the reasons bleach tends to be popular is its versatility. Well Borax Substitute has got to be one of the best multi-taskers we know. You can use it for everything from removing stains in clothes, to deodorising carpets. Mix it with water, lemon juice or white vinegar to create an abrasive multipurpose cleaner, or throw a handful of the granules down the loo to remove stubborn stains. Read our guide to Borax Substitute here


Bleach-free floor and tile cleaners

Sonett All Purpose Cleaner is made with vegetable-based cleaning agents and fragranced with orange and organic lemongrass oil. It’s a great all round cleaner and smells lovely and fresh. Dab some on a cloth to wipe down your bathroom, or add a squirt to your mop bucket to wash the floor.


Natural stain removers

From school shirts covered in pasta sauce to tell-tale red wine stains on your favourite top, there’s always something to make you groan when you’re going through the laundry basket. Ecover Stain Remover is a great natural alternative to bleach. It’s effective on grass, blood, mud, grease and various other marks. The top has a brush to help you work the liquid into stains. And, unlike bleach, you can use it on coloured clothes too. 

Need to get your whites looking white again? Our laundry bleaches use oxygen-based bleaching agents, rather than the usual sodium hypochlorite or chlorine.


Bleach-free mould remover

Central heating, wet washing, steamy showers and poor ventilation can all lead to mould on your walls and around the bathroom. Most cleaners use bleach to kill the mould, so the room stinks of chemicals for hours and you have to be really careful not to get any of the spray on your carpet or any fabric. Ecozone Bleach Free Mould Remover is a much better option in our opinion. It removes mould and helps to prevent regrowth, without the horrible smell.


Bleach-free toilet cleaners

Yes you can have clean, fresh toilets, without bleach. We have a huge range of natural toilet cleaners to choose from, whether you’re looking for a toilet block, or a liquid cleaner. Two are even available to bulk buy, in economical 5 litre containers. So, whether you’re looking for pine fresh, or something a bit different, you should fine something to keep the big white bowl sparkling. 


Do you have a favourite natural cleaning product that we’ve not mentioned? We’d love to hear what it is, so please do tweet us @BigGreenSmile.