Pack light, pack natural - what to take away this summer

What to take away this summerIt’ll come as no surprise that we’re a bit dotty about all things beauty here at BigGreenSmile … after all, we spend a lot of time vetting products before they join the family (in fact, it’s probably easier to get a job with MI5). Consequently packing for a holiday – and choosing which toiletries to take or leave behind – can be tough.






Which is why this year, after much debate, we’re saying NO to eye-watering excess baggage charges, and (with your help) have compiled a list of tried and tested top-to-toe natural products that are perfect for the sun.

Here are 20 to choose from – from SPF face moisturisers, and anti-frizz treatments for the locks to natural sun cream that won’t make your little ones itch.

Check out the choices, then pick and mix. And whatever you do, remember to pack a high factor sunscreen!


1. Yes to Carrots Daily Facial Moisturiser SPF15

When you’re choosing a moisturiser to take away – repeat after me - it MUST have an SPF. This one from Yes to provides medium protection and is gentle on the skin. Keep yourself looking radiant by moisturising 15 minutes before applying your sun cream.

Your verdict? ‘I have worn a moisturiser with SPF for many years which is why I chose this. Light consistency and not much of a smell which is great. I like the Yes to brand and this does not disappoint.’ Mrs C. A. M., Ellon

2. Weleda Lip Salve SPF4

Lips can dry and crack in the sun so keep them luscious using a lip salve with an SPF. If you’re flying, this one from Weleda is small enough to travel on the plane with. Make sure you reapply regularly when you’re outdoors (and inside). ‘

Your verdict?Best Lip Balm ever...’ R. L., Stoke-on-Trent

3. Melvita L'or Bio Sparkling Extraordinary Oil

The ultimate multi-taker for disco divas - just spray some of this lightly scented oil to make your limbs sparkle and it’ll moisturise your skin the same time.



4. Lavera After-Sun Intensive Treatment

No matter how healthy your hair is, the sun will soon dry it out, so it’s worth packing a treatment or mask when you’re going away. This one weighs less than a toothbrush but will leave your hair feeling silky smooth in less time than it takes to drink a Pina Colada (and for us that’s really fast).



5. TanOrganic Self-Tanning Oil

We’re not all patient enough to wait for the perfect tan so thank goodness you can buy one. TanOrganic’s award-winning self-tanning oil is easy to apply and will leave you looking lightly tanned for up to four days.

Your verdict?Excellent product. Goes on clear, just like a moisturising oil, but woke with a beautiful golden hue the next morning. One for the fairer ladies out there.’ Z. T., Warrington

6. Green People Natural Edelweiss Sun Lotion SPF 15 with Tan Accelerator

Talking of impatience … we’re all for speed. This natural suntan lotion has a tan accelerator so you’ll go browner faster (can’t argue with that).

Your verdict?Best sun cream ever!! Always use this.' J. E. D., Sandbach

7. Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel

We’ve all heard about using Aloe Vera for burns right? This gel is 100% aloe vera and is so much easier to pack than a plant. Great for sunburn and insect bites and gentle enough for children’s skin.

Your verdict?Amazing for sunburn.' Mrs S. C., BRISTOL

8. Zoya Carmen Nail varnish

Red is one of the hottest nail colours this summer … and this natural polish from Zoya is all that … plus it’s vegan, nasty free, and has a long-lasting formula (go gorgeous nails).

Your verdict?REALLY like this. Goes on much more smoothly than conventional nail polish, and it's a lovely colour. No strong smell either. Will try in other colours.’ Mrs S. L., Eye



9. Natracare Organic Cleansing & Make-Up Removal Wipes

Ideal for sensitive skin, these wipes will even remove waterproof mascara. Plus, they’re easier to fit in a suitcase than a separate cleanser and makeup remover.

Your verdict?Love these and they are great when travelling too.’ S. R., Plymouth



10. Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara

When it’s hot you need minimal makeup … otherwise the temperature can make it run and clump. We consider a swipe of mascara an essential … and this baby will give you great results.

Your verdict? ‘One of the best mascaras I have ever tried!’ J. F., Oxford


11. Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic

A fresh face tonic can be used to hydrate skin in the sun – it’ll also cool you down. This one smells of roses and is Soil Association Certified.

Your verdict?Prefer to use products containing rose. This is the best tonic I have found to date.’ S. F., MARKET HARBOROUGH



12. Jason Kids Sun Block SPF45

Natural, water-resistant and made for kids sensitive skin – it’s also tear-free. Warning: there may still be tears if you say no to ice-cream!

Your verdict?A favourite of mine for the children, non-greasy and effective sun cream. Cover up without whitening up.’ N. R., Winchester



13. Nourish Argan Skin Rescue Treatment

Say hello to some serious hydration … if you’re going to sunbathe (and let’s face it most of us do), it’s worth giving your face a lovely treat to say sorry afterwards.

Your verdict?Use on face. Would recommend to anyone with dry skin. Does give a healthy glow. Not sure it will have an effect on wrinkles but I wasn't expecting miracles!’ C. E., PINNER



14. Vitabiotics Perfectil Original for Hair, Skin and Nails - 30 tablets

These triple-action supplements will ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your hair, skin and nails need while you’re away (‘cause the olive in your martini won’t count towards your five a day … we checked).



15. Incognito - Less Mosquito Moisturiser

Pamper your skin and deter nasty biting things. This is a great moisturiser and mosquito repellent too and there’s no overpowering smell.

Your verdict? 'Very good moisturising effect as well as assisting in the prevention of attack from flying things. Smells great too.’ D. S., Gillingham



16. Pacifica Island Vanilla Roll On Perfume

Even sounds like a holiday! Just doesn’t feel right to go away without some perfume to swipe. This glass vial is light and easy to pack, plus it smells great ...

Your verdict?Beautiful, for saying this is all natural it smells delicious! Normally with natural products I find they don't last long but this lasts for a good few hours.’ N. C., Burton on Trent



17. Pacifica Solar Colour Mineral Palette

When space is a factor (and when you’re packing it is!), these coconut infused multi-use creamy colours will be a life-saver. Use them on your cheeks, eyes, lips and even your body … a whole makeup sensation in one pack.



18. Hand Sanitisers

Your packing won’t be complete without a hand sanitiser. Whether you’re planning picnics, snacks on the beach or the odd ice-cream, these bag-sized sanitisers are perfect for when you can’t pack the kitchen sink (no really, you can’t).



19. Dr Hauschka Travel Kit

We love Dr Hauschka products and this kit of travel-size face care is a serious bargain. Complete with Rose Day Cream, Hydrating Hand Cream, Cleansing Cream and Facial Toner, there’s everything you need to keep your skin gorgeous.



20. Go travel-size

Many of our luxury brands also come in handy mini-sizes. If you’re just popping somewhere for a weekend and you really want to keep that bag light, check these out.

So that’s it. Packing done. Decisions made. Have a great holiday from all of us at BigGreenSmile.