Skin survival tips for the Great British summer

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Your skin is as confused by the weather as you are this summer. One day it's wet, the's wet again. But, every now and then it's blisteringly hot. What's a girl to do? Follow our skin survival guide for the Great British summer.

Don’t get tempted by super-sized sunglasses in the summer drizzle to cover a face that’s got its own little weather chart going on. Everyone knows that fashion trend was sooo last year.

Panic not, skin is always going to be more sensitive during seasonal changes. A cooler air temperature means less moisture in the air that can dry skin, whereas muggy, humid temperatures create sweat that makes your skin oiler (which, actually, isn’t always a bad thing as this does provide moisture). With such a combination of temperatures it’s a little like mixing stripes with polka dots in your outfit: there’s a higher chance of yucky breakouts. So, let us tackle these weather woes.

De-muddle your skin moisture

Find your balance between a light and thick moisturiser. Apply a moisturiser that includes natural emollients such as jojoba, shea butter or beeswax. Organic Surge’s Blissful Daily Moisturizer and CoQ10 defence with SPF15 from Avalon Organics are both perfect choices.

Top tip: The forehead and nose is less prone to dryness because of the concentration of oil glands so there’s less need to focus on slathering up these areas.

British Summer Sun and Rain
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We recommend you moisturise half an hour before leaving the house, which should give you just enough time to flick through the latest Vogue. You should also moisturise as soon as you’ve stepped out of the shower. Even if the weather doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going we suggest you at least pretend it’s summer when you’re in the bathroom and keep the water temperature low so that you don’t dehydrate your skin.

The cute “flushed cheeks” look is always in style so give or get pampered with a face massage. This is a great way to help increase blood flow and circulation that in turn aids moisture. Whilst you’re at it, why not enjoy a facial sauna by carefully popping your head over a bowl of steaming water and a couple of drops of essential oil?

Don’t forget to moisturise your elbows and knees; both have thicker skin and are likely to dry out with all the friction of switching your jacket and jeans to a shrug and skirt as the weather skips about.

And yeah you know, you know: drink plenty of water. Enough said.

Organic natural Moisturisers
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Sweat, oil and pimples? Nah

Even oily skin types need moisturiser. We recommend Avalon’s rejuvenating oil-free moisturiser that is packed full of added ingredients great for seasonal changes – vitamin C, green and white tea. Of course, vitamin D is also simply amazing for healthy skin, which many natural moisturisers include.

Let’s be honest, a map of your staycation route all over your body ain’t pretty. To avoid occasional heat-induced breakouts, don’t go all out with your exfoliation as this will only irritate your skin further. Instead, be gentle as you buff away flaky and dead skin cells.  

Top tip: Your skin only gets renewed monthly when dead cells shed otherwise the dry skin will be there to stay.

Have a Kirstie Allsopp moment and make a homemade natural and gentle exfoliator. Simply take a couple of tablespoons of light olive oil, a tablespoon of table salt as well as some mashed-up seasonal summer berries of choice and apply all over.

Berries are boosted with antioxidants, folic acid and vitamins A, B, K. Or you could try Faith in Nature’s Exfoliating Face & Body Polish that boasts blackcurrants for similar berry bliss. We also love Melvita’s Facial Scrub Exfoliating Mousse with its jojoba oil and carnauba wax.

A small outbreak on your face can be tackled on a two-minute tea break. Dip a tea bag in warm water then press it over the pimple for a few minutes and the tannic acid will absorb the oil. Easy.

Summer rain

Cloudy hoodwinking

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, 92% of us have been sunburnt at least once. That is far from cool. Even if it doesn’t appear sunny or hot, a cloudy day can cause unwitting burns so keep your sun cream in your handbag for UV protection. SPF 30 and above is best.

So, how about that barbeque this weekend to celebrate our healthy, natural skin? Let’s just wait and see…

Disclaimer: Skin types vary depending on the individual, and you should contact your GP or a professional dermatologist for expert advice.