The guide to Natural Beauty Gifts

When the festive season hits, are you the type of person who makes a last-minute dash for the shops, or do you plan ahead?

We've realised that while there are friends who you can buy the perfect gift for in your sleep, there's always someone – Uncle Ken or Great Aunty Norma or that cousin you only see once a year – who can leave you struggling for ideas.

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What ensues is that last-minute panic buying, that comes at a cost. This year why not plan ahead and save your pennies with some gorgeous natural beauty gift ideas? has every personality in your circle covered.

The outdoorsy type

You know the one: the person who spends their days laboriously working the veggie patch in the garden or under the car bonnet doing mechanical things. As the cold weather sets in the soft tissues around your joints can expand due to the lower air pressure, causing cramp.

Also, these outdoorsy types may not get the same exercise they're used to and so muscles can become stiff. A Badger Balm Muscle Rub will help keep those muscles warm and loose. Pair that up with a Badger Healing Balm for Hardworking Hands, and you'll have everything you need to show just how much you appreciate their hard labour.

The token gift

Do you want to buy a gift that brings a smile without breaking your budget? We all have friends who we exchange gifts with more as a gesture of appreciation. Look no further than these festive gift sets from Burt's Bees - A Bit of Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit is an irresistible pairing of lemon cuticle cream and grapefruit lip balm, and this Burt's Bees Collectable Decoration is all wrapped up as a Christmas decoration already (saving you the trouble). Beautifully presented, these promise to liven up any christmas tree during the festive period!

The global jetsetter

For types who jet off for business or to get some winter sunshine, the travel kits by Essential Care/Odylique provide travel sized organic products for a good facial routine (remember the mantra: wash, tone and moisturise). The freshness of the Essential Care Citrus Travel/Gift Set is sublime and it also conveniently provides organic cotton cleansing pads and gentle first aid lotion that's great for skin problems, such as acne or bites and grazes, due to its anti-bacterial properties. The Rose version includes the divinely creamy Coconut Cleanser that lifts away make-up, dirt and other skin impurities. As always Essential Care/Odylique comes up trumps for organic beauty – and these products are also vegan-friendly!

For those who aren't lucky enough to get away, these Take Me There kits from Pacifica will literally transport them to tropical places without the bother of flying. 

The party girl

For the woman who dashes from one festive party to the next, what better idea than giving her a natural beauty treat on a festive plate? We particularly like the Nourish Argan Beauty Collection ... this luxurious selection of shimmering gold, rejuvenating frankincense and revitalising myrrh, will boost radiance and enhance natural beauty (job done).

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Or, how about a Korres Party Survival Kit - a must have for any party animal (boy or girl) in need of some morning after TLC?

We also adore the Korres Wild Rose Brightening Collection for Normal to Dry Skin. All kitted out with a sleeping facial and day moisturiser, it'll add brightness and radiance to any party girl's skin.

The Chocolate Lover

Last year you bought them a box of chocolates. The year before? A box of chocolates. This year? Say it with love with the Faith In Nature Chocolate Gift Bag. The products don't smell as chocolatey as you imagine and the results are great: the shampoo and conditioner are ideal for brunettes as it brings out the shine in your hair. Packaged in a reusable natural jute bag, this gift might just last longer this year!

Little ‘uns

Is it just us or are there a lot more babies around this Christmas? If you'd like to get a little treat for the tots then look no further than the Burt's Bee's Baby Bee gift set. It provides all the basics from soothing nappy ointment and baby shampoo to lovely nourishing oil – perfect for massaging baby before bed, promoting a peaceful night's sleep for all.

There's also a Weleda Mini Calendular Baby Starter Kit  - with a muslin cloth and all sorts of lovely products for natural on-the-go baby care.

The domestic goddess

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Who do you know who needs a little pampering?  This Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection includes six luxurious aromatherapy baths targetting all kinds of things from sleeping well, to feeling balanced, to smoother skin. We think this present is perfect for stressed out mums.

Or for those who might like to find the time to soothe and smooth their skin ... how about a Dr Hauschka Luxury Moments set? The calming natural scents and luxurious formulations will nurture and enrich skin (and we don't think even Santa can do that).

The man about town

For men, try the A'Kin PureMan Introduction kit, or a BullDog One Step at a Time Travel Set  - they're packed with everything a man might need when he's not at home and and will keep the men in your life looking, smelling and feeling good. offers a wrapping service to these thoughtful gifts, so all the work is done for you.

With free UK shipping for orders over £50 you've really no excuse for leaving your festive gift shopping to the last minute! What are you waiting for?!