The Many Faces of Dr Bronner’s

They say women are better at multi-tasking than men (and since I’m of the female persuasion, I’d have to agree), but even two X chromosomes can’t compete with a bottle of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap.

Think you can multi-task? Think again. This liquid soap can do at least 18 jobs (okay, maybe not ALL at once), and still loll about in its bottle looking cool. Here’s a rundown of its impressive can do list.

1. Hand wash

So you’re probably not falling off your chair in shock, but no Dr Bronner’s uses list would be complete without this.

2. Face wash

Add two to three drops to wet hands, apply it to your face and wash off – voila.

3. Body wash

Yep , you read correctly – Dr Bronner’s can also be used in the shower. It’s as easy as, well, washing. Just get wet, pour a few drops onto your hand (or a washcloth or loofah), lather up, scrub on and rinse.

We’re partial to the Peppermint because it’s great as a wake-me up – check out the Baby Mild if you have sensitive skin.

4. Bath bliss

Add a dash to your bath – 2 tbsps will be enough for an average size tub. It won’t bubble (no SLS) but it will clean and make you smell great. We love Lavender in our baths – it’s the perfect antedote to a stressful day.

5. Shampoo

Yes, yes, yes, it does that too. Just wash your hair (half a tbsp will be enough) and finish off with a conditioner. But don’t take our word for it, here are a couple of YOUR reviews.

The only shower and shampoo product I use. Kind to skin & hair. ***** N.D London

6. Shaving

Can be used on your face (ten drops will do), your underarms (around three drops), your legs (try half a teaspoon on each). Work into a lather, apply to the right spot and get that razor out 

7. For toothbrushing

We’ll be honest, none of us have tried this, but the story is it works. Add a drop to a wet toothbrush and brush as normal (don’t go too mad with the drops, foaming the mouth is a big no-no). Oh, it also brushes dentures clean – who knew?

‘I love peppermint castile soap, I use it for everything including washing myself, my clothes, brushing my teeth, as an insect repellent on plants etc. It's natural and green! I would recommend it to everyone!’ D.C Lowestoft 

8. Foot bath

Sounds great doesn’t it?  Add one and half teaspoons into a warm water and soak (your tootsies).

9. Deodorant

Some people use it as a deodorant. Just splash some on in the shower and go.

‘Use always to wash under arms and so never have to use aluminium ridden deodorants-one wash with this unscented soap and keep fresh all day.’  L.G.Sheffield 

10. Dog wash

How much you use will depend on the how big your dog is, the length of its hair and how filthy he/she is. Just lather, apply and wash off – might seem obvious, but keep the soap out of your pet’s eyes. (And we’d recommend you check with a vet first.)

11. Clearing conjestion

Feeling sniffy? No problem. Add one tablespoon into a bowl of steamy hot water, put a towel over your head and (yep) breathe ….  If we have to choose, we think Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are would be best for this.

12. Laundry

Use 2-3floz for one regular load, and add more if your water is hard. We’ve been told a dash of baking soda can make the results EVEN better. Also great if you’re on your hols and need to do an emergency hand wash.

13. Dishes

We’re talking washing by hand (not the dishwasher). Pre-dilute 1:10 with water, put on a brush and scrub.

14. Floors

Add 4floz to three gallons of water – there are lots of lovely scents to choose from and no nasties in this particular cleaning mix.

15. All-purpose cleaning

Put 2floz in two pints of water, pop it in a spray bottle and add some tea tree oil (if you like).

16. Fruit & veg wash

You’ll need a ¼ teaspoon for one bowl of water. Dunk your fruit and veg, rinse in clean water, and then eat. Easy peasy!

17. Plant spray

Dollop 1tbsp in two pints of water – spray and say ‘bye bugs’ (just like that).

18. Ant spray

Add 3floz of Tea Tree soap to 2 pints of water – don’t use this on plants because it’ll burn them (and they don’t like that).

So that’s it – 18 uses (and probably a whole lot more). Dr Bronner’s really is magic.