We are proud to support In Kind Direct


Big Green Smile made its first donation to In Kind Direct this year. So far an estimated £2,600 worth of our products have been distributed to 113 charities and voluntary organisations working in the UK, helping hundreds of people every year.

Founded 20 years ago by HRH The Prince of Wales, In Kind Direct is a charity that distributes a broad range of donated surplus consumer products to charities and community organisations across the UK.

Today BigGreenSmile is joining 20 other top UK manufacturers and retailers to back In Kind Direct’s call to businesses to ‘Join the Product Giving Revolution’ and integrate this simple step into our existing strategy. 

New research carried out by In Kind Direct reveals that 97% of CEOs of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies have surplus stock, yet less than half donate these products to charity. According to further PwC research commissioned by In Kind Direct, billions of pounds of unwanted, surplus consumer goods are produced in the UK each year. This demonstrates the vast scale of excess products available for product donation.

Among those backing In Kind Direct’s call to action is former Dragon’s Den expert, and business ambassador for In Kind Direct, Sarah Willingham.

Sarah says: “In business, we have astounding levels of surplus stock. Billions of pounds worth each year is destroyed, put into landfill or sold to discount retailers, which helps no one, costs money and has a terrible effect on the environment.

“Speaking to many business leaders, I know this is something that everyone tries hard to avoid but is seen as a necessary by-product of doing business. At In Kind Direct we work with thousands of charities who need your products to change lives. Charities give them to people who are often living with extreme hygiene poverty and can’t afford life’s basics.”


Robin Boles, Chief Executive of In Kind Direct, says;

“There’s a huge opportunity to put surplus products to use for the good of society by donating them – helping to alleviate hygiene poverty and minimise waste.

Our Product Giving Manifesto sets out the very simple steps retailers and manufacturers can take today to enhance their corporate social responsibility and make sure their new, surplus products reach millions of people in need.

Accessing products from In Kind Direct can make a crucial difference to the number of people charities can help. Last year was a record year for the charity since operations began in 1997, with In Kind Direct distributing over £20 million in donated products to small charities in just one year.”


So far BigGreenSmile has donated £2,600 worth of products for distribution to 113 charities. We are proud to pledge our support for In Kind Direct’s product giving revolution.