We love Weleda! We list some of their iconic products

weleda logoOur customers love Weleda. Weleda products are 100% natural, created with respect for the environment, people and animals… And they work!

 You could be forgiven for thinking that brands have only really started thinking about green issues this century. So you might be surprised to hear that Weleda was founded way back in 1921. A real trail-blazer we think you’ll agree.

 Weleda started off as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant garden. One of the founders, Rudolph Steiner, is now well-known for the influence he has had on education – there are now more than 1,000 schools based on his thinking around the globe. Another of the founders, Ita Wegman, became a doctor in 1911, highly unusual for a woman at the time. Ita developed a cancer treatment derived from mistletoe, that 34is still used in several countries today.

 Along with the third founder, chemist Oskar Schmiedel, Rudolph and Ita set out to create holistically formulated pharmaceutical products that would enable the body to heal itself.

 Today, Weleda is considered one of the foremost natural beauty brands. Many of the ingredients Weleda uses still come from their own gardens. Others are sourced from fair trade suppliers. All are sustainable. From striving to ensure that all workers in the supply chain are treated fairly, to minimising waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it’s true to say that ethics is at the core of Weleda. And all Weleda products are gentle on the skin – there are no petrochemicals, artificial parabens, genetically modified ingredients or harsh chemicals. Weleda does not test on animals, and all personal care products are suitable for vegetarians.

 Iconic products

 Weleda is probably best known for its hero product: Skin Food, which is having its 90th birthday this year. 100% natural, Skin Food is packed with nourishing ingredients and is a real skin saviour. You can use it to treat chapped lips, cracked heels, dry skin patches and even split ends. It’s won numerous awards, is used by celebrities and make-up artists, and is a real favourite with our customers:                            

 “Classic. Absolutely love it. It is rich and nourishing without being greasy and has a fantastic smell.” M. K., London

Weleda Skin Food

 Weleda’s Wild Rose range is very popular with natural skincare lovers. The range includes the Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream, which one customer described as ‘divine’ and ‘heavenly scented’ Specially formulated for women aged 30-40, Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream helps to tackle fine lines, dryness and dull, lacklustre skin. 


weleda wild rose range

 Many people first come across Weleda when searching for gentle products for their babies. According to one member of the Big Green Smile team, Weleda’s Baby Calendula Nappy Change Weleda Calendula nappy creamCream is nothing short of miraculous – clearing up nappy rash quickly and protecting against soreness. Every one of our reviewers gave it the full five stars, with some commenting how multi-purpose the cream can be:

 “One of the best, maybe the best in our opinion. Great mix of friendly ingredients, this nappy cream has always kept our little ones nether regions in tip top happy condition. Also good for golfers chaffing in the trousers :o)” A. S., Hartley Wespall

 “Gentle and effective. I've also used it on myself for some contact dermatitis on my hands and works a treat!” R. W., Derby

 Of course, Weleda also produces a wide range of other skin and earth friendly products, from shampoo and perfume to toothpaste and deodorants.

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