Cult natural beauty products on BigGreenSmile

Who loves what and who’s talking about which natural beauty product?  Here we check out the top ten celebrity favourites and cult beauty brands that have been appearing in the press and on blogs and discover what everyone’s raving about …. (and what you love too).

1. Weleda Skin Food

No cult beauty list would be complete without Weleda Skin Food. This extra-thick cream is great for dry, rough patches on the hands, feet and elbows and it can calm mild skin irritations too. Try it on your face … honest … it’s thick and gorgeously gloopy and will sink in leaving it feeling non-greasy, moisture rich and fantastically balanced. Oh, and it smells divine too.

Loved by celebs including supermodel Erin O’Connor, Julia Roberts and Victoria Beckham who said, "simple and inexpensive, it's really, really thick, and I slather it on." (As do we Victoria!)

What do you think? ‘Use this product as a night cream and on nails, cuticles, hands, lips and elbows. Occasionally get tempted by other products but always return to Weleda Skin Food - it's a marvellous all-rounder.’ S. G., Southport


2. Egyptian Magic Cream

A best-seller on BigGreenSmile, Egyptian Magic has simply masses of uses. Use it to soften dry skin, treat eczema, groom eyebrows, remove makeup, as a lip balm and even to treat cuts and burns (although sadly it won’t do the hoovering).

Reportedly seen regularly behind-the-scenes of London Fashion Week. Celebrities who’ve come out in favour include the likes of Kate Hudson, Supermodel Elsa Pataky, International make-up artist Anita Jolles, and Gucci Westman.

What do you think? ‘Love this cream, it really tackles our patchy dry skin and seems to be just the trick for a night cream. I love the oily feel as it melts into my skin and the slight smell of honey is lovely. You only need to use a little so the pot is well worth the money.” A. M., Balmirmer


3. Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream

Perfect for dry and sensitive skin (or let’s face it any type of skin), Dr Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream is packed with extracts of rose petals and wild rose hips as well as shea butter, rose petal wax and avocado oil – this super mixture magically combines to create a gorgeously thick textured cream that will protect and moisturise your skin.

A reported favourite of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Jade Jagger, Kirsten Stewart, Cate Blanchett and Kate Moss (and wouldn’t we all love skin like theirs?).

What do you think? ‘I love this, smells deliciously of roses. It's so rich and thick you don't think it will absorb into your skin but then it does and it makes it lovely and smooth.’  B. M., Bristol


 4. Triology Rose Hip Oil

Apparently Trilogy Rose Hip Oil is one of Kate Middleton’s best kept secrets (who knew?). We think this oil is great, especially in winter when your skin needs an extra super boost. Use it as a serum to hydrate your complexion and it can help soften scars if you use it regularly. Other celeb fans include Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.

An organic miracle worker, Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil really makes a difference whether you skin needs a hefty boost or you want to reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks.” Harper's Bazaar, UK

What do you think? ‘I use it on the face and I'd recommend it to people who have dry skin and fine lines’ A. S., Clamart


5. Jason sun care

Jason Sunbrellas Jason Sunbrellas Family Sun Block is non-greasy, tear free, and offers high sun protection for the whole family. Ideal for a face moisturiser in the summer months, this lightweight formula blends in easily, and is a great base for make up too. Hugely popular with BigGreenSmile customers, and with all the team here too! 

6. Konjac Sponges

These cult beauty products are made with 100% natural vegetable fibres, and are packed with minerals and antioxidants (don’t eat them though!). Use them to cleanse your face and body (you don’t need to add a cleanser or soap).

Celebrity make-up artist Kenneth Soh is a huge fan: "I use these sponges on shoots pre-make-up as they deep cleanse and polish the model's skin without agitating, leaving a smooth canvas for me to work on."

What do you think? ‘This is lovely. Makes my skin feel really soft and clean. Just the job!’ Mrs S. H., Bristol

7. Korres Shower Gels

Korres shower gelWe love Korres at BigGreenSmile and it’s great to see everyone else does! Korres shower gels come in a variety of scents, they are luxuriously creamy and foamy and smell utterly devine. They make brilliant presents for anyone who needs a little pick me up. 


8. Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm

Picked as one of Glamour Magazine’s Best Natural & Organic Beauty products in March 2015, this award-winning balm is pure salvation for troubled skin. Antibacterial and anti-fungal, you can use it to treat cracked skin, bruises, sore muscles and sunburn (gotta love it).


9. Burts Bees Lip Shimmer

Burts Bees Lip ShimmerA kiss of colour and pearlised shine add a hint of glamour to Burt's Bees world famous lip balm. Condition, smooth & highlight your lips with Burt's Bees wonderful selection of shimmering shades.

What do you think? 'Luscious lips! Lovely colour, applies easily with no mess, lasts well and neat little tube to fit in any pocket. I love it!' P.C. Bridlington


10. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

These organic, natural liquid soaps are another big favourite of yours and it appears with a lot of celebs too. Famous fans include Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman and Eminem. Check out their many, many uses and read our article on them here.

What do you think? I have been using Dr Bronner's liquid soap for years and everyone says my skin is ten years younger than my birthday cards say!! E. D., Dunfermline (I’ll be getting myself some more of that then!)