From the bedroom to the bathroom, how to go organic in every room

Things have moved on over the past few years – used to be if I asked what you had in the house that was organic, you’d have said fruit and veg and at a push wine or tea bags. Now organic products have probably crept into your bathroom, maybe the nursery too, but there are still plenty more ways to go organic across your entire home.

Before I tell you how, let's recap on what organic means:

  • Your products have been produced in a way that limits the use of synthetic materials, or avoids them altogether
  • They promote balance in nature and conserve biodiversity (this might mean restricted to no use of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones, and in some cases genetic modification and nanotechnology). The criteria for this can vary in different countries; in the UK the standards are set by DEFRA, and in the US it's the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program.

Why buy organic?

  • The production process is less damaging to the environment, farm workers and animals (we’re all for that)
  • The products are far less likely to contain nasties, so they’re better for you and your family
  • The ingredients are often better quality and can taste or work better too
  • Organic products are often made by smaller companies, so you’re helping to support independent traders
  • Some organic food schemes keep it local too, reducing food miles (check out UK producers here).

What to look for when buying organic products:

Look for products that are Certified Organic. This means that the item has been through a rigorous application process in which the efficacy of its organic status has been tested at all points in its manufacture, effectively from the soil up. 

The Soil Association is the UK's main organic certification body. Products carrying its organic stamp must fulfil a number of criteria, including containing as high as possible proportion of organic ingredients and to be clearly identified, traceable and separate from non-organic products at all stages of manufacturing. You can find out more about Soil Association organic certification here, as well as a list of our Soil Association certified products

For more endorsements, check out our article on organic certification standards here.

Try organic in the bedroom

First on the shopping list is organic lubricant. Together, they make for a healthy bedroom in more ways than one. Yes is an award-winning range of organic water-based lubricants which have eliminated synthetics so that you can rely on a totally natural experience; I'd say this is one body zone you definitely want to protect and preserve for future use. Carrying the Soil Association Certified mark, Yes contains organically grown Aloe Vera, guar gum, locust bean gum and flax extract. That's a lot of organics to guarantee your pleasure!

A great night sleep is another thing we all want from our bedroom, and there are plenty of organic sleep aids that can help. I’m all for popping a few drops of Lavender essential oil on my pillow (organic if you please), and for the insomniac we’ve got organic balms, aromatherapy balls, bath oils, and burner oils that all help promise a sweet night’s sleep (without the nightmare nasties).

Try organic in the bathroom

You'll make the greatest impact by switching to organic shampoos, conditioners and styling gels, or shower and bath products, hand soaps, and body lotions, and we’ve got plenty to choose from. As well as everyday cleansing, many combine organic ingredients to fix familiar skin and hair problems, from volume boosters to intensive moisturising.

For removing make-up, try an organic cleanser or wipe (you don’t want to leave more nasties behind than you clean off) and maybe get some organic cotton wool balls, pads buds or pleats to help do the job properly.

Organic feminine products are popular too. We’ve got organic cotton products that are all about the farming and keeping possibly harmful ingredients away from your skin and delicate zones. And washes that have been specially formulated for those delicate areas you want to keep super fresh.

And remember, organic is far from just a girl thing. Dr Bronner’s make a range of Organic Shaving Gels in manly scents from Lime to Spearmint and there’s even and Unscented gel for boys with delicate skin.

Cleaning your bathroom can be done organically too, with organic bath, shower and loo cleaners and window and mirror cleaners. What makes them organic? Plenty of cleaning products contain natural ingredients which can now be grown organically, such as the Aloe Barbendensis leaf juice powder in the Bentley Organic Window & Glass Cleaner.

Try organic in the dressing room

Organic skincare and beauty products have seen a surge in popularity recently as more of us choose to avoid putting products containing chemical nasties close to our skin. Try organic day creams, night cream, from anti-wrinkle products and facial serums to beauty oils.

If you’re wanting to make up the natural way (eat your heart out Kate Moss), there are organic Face Powders, Tinted Moisturisers, BB Creams, Foundations & Concealers, plus Blushers & Bronzers, lip glosses, lipsticks and liners, lip balms, mascaras, eyeshadows and eye liners to choose from.

Plus, why not add a little dazzle to your skin with some organic self-tan? Or a dab or two of fragrance from ECOCERT Certified brand Acorelle?

Finally, beauty comes from the inside too, and Green People’s Age Defy+ supplements are packed with all kinds of age-defying nutrients and antioxidants to keep you looking your best (they’re Soil Association Certified too).  

Try organic in the nursery

Any new parent will tell you that if you haven't thought about organics before, the arrival of a beautiful and fragile new baby will bring with it a change of heart. There is nothing mums and dads want more than to protect baby, and organic products from nappy cream, lotions & oils, baby wipes and sanitisers to baby vapour balm will all go that step further to ensuring potentially harmful ingredients stay away from your little one.

Mums can look after themselves during pregnancy too with organic bump moisturisers that can help to prevent stretch marks or nipple balms for when it’s time to feed.

For those tiny teeth, look no further than organic fruity toothpaste from Jack ‘N’ Jill, it’s suitable from six months and to top it off check out these cute eco-friendly toothbrushes.

Try organic in the kitchen

You probably know all about organic food and wine, but what about organic kitchen cleaners? The Bentley Organic range offers all sorts of options from washing up liquid, surface cleaner, hand sanitiser, hand wash to salad fruit and veg wash to keep the whole room (you and your food) clean. And don’t forget the Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap range – these products have a multitude of uses including laundry and cleaning. Find our more in our article here.

So that’s it – plenty more ways to go organic across your home. And as the organic market continues to expand there are sure to be even more as the year progresses.