Natural remedies for summer ailments


Natural RemediesSummer niggles - Mosquito bites, bee stings, sunburn, hayfever… We do love summer, but wish it didn’t come with quite so many irritations. Thankfully there are plenty of natural remedies that can help. 

Natural insect repellent

Mossie bites, bee stings and irritating swarms of midges… sometimes it feels like the insect world is out to get us. Apparently it’s due to the pheromones we give off, along with sweet smelling lotions, fabric softeners and perfumes. And yes, it’s true that some people are more likely to get attacked than others.

Garlic is thought to be a natural insect repellent, so you could try chowing down on a couple of cloves a day. However, if you don’t want to repel your friends, family and co-workers at the same time, you might want to invest in an alternative insect repellent. Some essential oils* have been found to be effective, including cinnamon oil, lemon, rose geranium, eucalyptus and lavender. Most need diluting before being applied to the skin and some essential oils aren’t suitable for use in pregnancy, so do always seeks advice before trying them. You can also use some of the essential oils mentioned in a diffusor to deter insects from your home. 

We sell a range of natural insect repellents that are perfect for popping in your bag before leaving the house. All the brands we sell are free from DEET, which, while being an effective insect deterrent can also cause skin irritation.

Incognito Less Mosquito includes cinnamon, eucalyptus, citronella, rose geranium and other plant oils. It’s 100% natural and our customers have found it to be very effective. Apparently Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman swore by it when they rode through Europe and Africa for Long Way Down. As with any insect repellent, you’ll want to apply it regularly, and re-apply after swimming.

If you do get bitten or stung, try dabbing on some tea tree oil to soothe the itch. Jason Purifying Tea Tree First Aid Soothing Gel is also very useful to have on hand. All of our customers who have reviewed it have given it the full five stars.


Natural hay fever remedies

Runny noses, itchy eyes, sore sinuses – hayfever can put a real dampener on your summer. Many people swear by honey for upping their immunity to pollen. You’ll need to eat a spoonful each day, for a full month before the hayfever season. Ideally, go for local honey, so the bees will have collected nectar from the types of plants you’ll be exposed to. Try spooning it into Greek yoghurt, adding it to cereal, or mixing it with lemon and warm water for a cleansing drink.

It’s also worth trying a Vitamin C supplement, which is a natural antihistamine, and eating foods rich in carotenoids to reduce inflammation. A big pair of sunglasses can help to protect your eyes, while a slick of balm under your nose can help to trap pollen.

If you’re still suffering, Weleda offer a natural nasal spray that can help to ease congestion. 


Natural sun care

Now we all know the importance of sun protection. But most of us have been guilty of forgetting to apply enough lotion at least occasionally, so it’s always handy to have some after sun on hand. Many of our customers swear by pure aloe vera. Aloe Pura’s Aloe Vera Gel is made with organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice and is incredibly soothing to sunburnt skin. You can also use it to help treat a range of other skin complaints, including eczema, minor burns and irritation caused by shaving, waxing or epilating. The gel absorbs well, is non-greasy and odourless.

Green People’s Organic Children Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun includes aloe vera, along with other beneficial natural ingredients, such as calendula, lavender and rosemary. 

And you don’t need to wait til that tell-tale red glow to apply after sun. Even if you have slapped on the sunscreen, after sun is still useful for rehydrating, cooling and nourishing the skin.

While you’re stocking up on after sun, don’t forget to check that you have enough sun lotion to last the summer. According to the NHS, most sunscreens have a use by date of two to three years. However, natural creams don’t always last quite as long, as they’re not packed with preservatives, so do check the label if you’re planning to use last year’s lotion.

We offer some of the top natural sun care brands, including Jason, Green People and Lavera.


*Disclaimer: Please take caution when using pure essential oils and seek advice from a professional aromatherapist prior to use. Pregnant or nursing women should seek advice from their General Practitioner before choosing any insect repellent, natural or otherwise.