Natural Beauty Trends 2012

A New Year and a new you, what a great time to get rid of those bad beauty habits and go for an altogether more natural beauty routine.  We're not just talking about promising to remove your make-up at night either. Combining the hot beauty trends of 2012, we've got some top tips for being a natural beauty!  Happy New Year from all at

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Cheeky business

Well I never! Healthy looking skin is in so you can easily be on trend without a single application of make-up if you wish! To ensure you've got the look perfected, grab yourself a fantastic hydrating moisturiser, such as Organic Surge Super Intensive Moisturiser or This Works Super Moisture. For added guarantee, wear a night cream - Yes To Blueberries Overnight Hydrating Cream is quite the bedtime treat.

If you want to perfect the healthy glow by creating a smoother complexion then you can add a soft foundation – and compacts like Green People Pressed Mineral Powder SPF 15 and Lavera 2-in1 Compact Foundation are handy for just that.

Last year's pink/peach cheeks are being replaced with caramel and bronze tones but we still recommend you stick with what best suits your own skin tone.  Let's be honest, we're not all the same and our complexion shouldn't be treated as if it were too. If you lightly brush your foundation upwards then your cheekbones will get the desired healthy glow.

This year it's also the norm to mix matte skin with glossy eyes so why not have a play around?

Devil woman

It's hot: a dash of vivid colour on the eyes this year is on the rise! To complement the year's fashion trends, even red is acceptable, however careful application is crucial. Our advice is to go for a safer dreamy pink. Purple is definitely the tipped favourite eye shadow colour of the year and Beautiful Mineral Eye Shadow majestic violet won't let you down. 

If you get tired of colour, opting for gentle smokey eyes by night is also likely to continue this year. You can create a wonderful smokey effect by blending mineral colours of truffle and sage in Neal's Yard Remedies Eye Shadow collection.

Pout alert

The classic siren screen scarlet pout persists. Lucky really as we're all just getting pro! Remember ladies, keep the colour of your eyes and face natural before applying your choice lipstick and you'll have this retro look nailed! We love the Red Berry Charm and the Deep Red shades of Lavera Beautiful Lips Lip Stick for making a statement.

No need to stick to red this year; a mixture of creamy and vivid colours are being embraced, so don't be afraid to go for other fun colours like Berry Violet, Rose Kiss, Sunset Orange as well as the subtler Golden Kiss. If you're not a fan of lipstick, then Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in Zesty Red will also do the job, or you can use a lip tint to add a wonderfully modest touch of colour.

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How highbrow!

Forget threading and plucking, bushy brows are very much in so let them grow back! Groom your eyebrows to perfection with the Lavera Eyebrow Style & Care Gel. If you are daring enough you can go for the boyish pixie look by brushing upwards as seen on the catwalk. A word of advice: with such architecturally-proud eyebrows, don't overwork your lips – instead keep them neutral.

Angel eyes

Oh yes, wings are in! At the end of your eyelid go for a defined and delicate wing or flick. Black is the best look but you might want to dabble with other colours too. Try not to make your eyeliner too thick as the panda eye predicament will get you as the day wears on. Instead, apply your eyeliner with precision with the likes of Essential Care Organic Fairtrade Eye Liner.

Natural delights

Last year honey, pomegranate and argan were the top favourites in natural ingredients. So what will it be for this year? Our top five predictions and hopes are on the following:

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1.    With such powerful, healing panache with its antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties, it's likely that honey will continue to be one of the sweetest choices.

2.    Rose is making a massive comeback, both in the form of wild rose and vitamin C- and lycopene-rich rosehip seed products.  As the most precious of essential oils, we're sure rose will be the queen of all luxury natural beauty products.

3.    A natural moisturiser in its own right with its enriching Vitamin E and vitamin C, products containing the creamy goodness of avocado are sure to make a comeback in the summer months.

4.    Another superfruit on the rise! The bright orange berries of sea buckthorn are gentle yet effective with their vitamin C-rich qualities and nutritional, nourishing and antioxidant benefits. Super!

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5.    Grapeseed oil is a silent friend of natural beauty. Found in so many products because it's a great carrier oil, grapeseed oil is a wonderful emollient as it never leaves the skin feeling greasy. It's also a great lubricant for shaving. We hope that this gem gets the limelight it deserves in 2012!

Disclaimer: Skin types vary depending on the individual. If irritation occurs, always seek medical assistance from your GP or a dermatologist.