How to clean your home with natural products, in under 60 minutes |

How to clean your home in 60 minutes

60 mins to a sparkling clean home

It’s been a busy week, you haven’t so much as looked at the hoover in days and guests are arriving in an hour. So turn the music up loud, snap on your rubber gloves and get cracking…


One hour to go…

Now is not the time for scrubbing at stains. So sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda round the carpet to do some of the hard work for you. Then hit the kitchen armed with an E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Pack. The general purpose cloth is a real workhorse. Wet it and wipe down all the surfaces, sink and hob. Then give any stainless steel (eg the toaster) a quick going over with the glass and polishing cloth. The perfect way to sparkling results, just add water. 

Head for the lounge. Tables, cupboards and shelves will benefit from a quick wipe over with a duster. The little details are the ones that tend to stand out, so take a few seconds to plump up the cushions and straighten any ornaments.

Get those windows and mirrors sparkling in minutes with a white vinegar spray. Spritz on and use some scrunched up newspaper or the E-cloth glass and polishing cloth to get the smudges and fingerprints off.


Halfway through…

On to the bathroom. Throw a handful of citric acid into the toilet bowl and leave it to work its magic. And set that white vinegar spray to work on any limescale deposits around the taps. Use a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner and sponge to wipe over the shower, bath and sink. Swipe a brush round the toilet and an anti-bacterial wipe over the seat and rim.


Time’s ticking…

Run the vacuum around. The bicarbonate of soda will have soaked up some of the dirt and odours, so it should soon be looking and smelling a good bit fresher.


5 minutes to go…

That’s just enough time to mop the floors, if you use Method’s Squirt and Mop Hard Floor Cleaner. As the saying goes, it does what it says on the tin – you don’t need a bucket, just squirt and mop. Do it quick enough, and you should even have time to spritz some air freshener around.


Time’s up…

Phew! Collapse on the sofa (without knocking those plumped up cushions over). Spend the remaining seconds practicing your ‘Oh my house always looks this good’ expression for when your guests start laying on the compliments. 


And if you'd like some more cleaning tips, why not check out our guides on how to clean with natural borax, how to clean with soda crystals, and the more comprehensive A-Z of Natural Spring Cleaning 

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