How to use less water and energy at home - Ecozone can help!

Ecozone logoWe do love Ecozone here at Big Green Smile. This British brand has worked tirelessly to create household products that do their job without using harsh chemicals. What’s more, many of these products also help you save water and energy. Plus, all Ecozone’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

So what are Ecozone’s main products, how do you use them, and, most importantly, do they work?




Ecozone Ecoballs

First off, Ecoballs, probably Ecozone’s best known product. Ecoballs wash your clothes without the need for detergent. Just pop them in the washing machine drum with your wash. They’re incredibly easy to use, and very cheap, costing from just 3 pence per wash. They also help you to save water and time, as you can shorten the rinse cycle. Ecoballs are soap free, instead they use mineral salts to clean clothes without fading them. Ecoballs are ideal for sensitive skin, and can be refilled.

They save on packaging waste, detergent pollution and money, but do Ecoballs work? Well, in our opinion, most definitely. We’d compare them to a non-bio detergent. They’re surprisingly effective, but for really dirty items, you might need to use a stain remover, just as you would if you were washing with a detergent.

“I was a little sceptical, but have been amazed by the results. Even the extremely muddy dog towels are clean and sweet smelling. I am impressed!” D.W, Abergavenny


Ecozone Dryer cubes

From washing onto drying. Now, you might have tried dryer balls in the past, but these are a cut above. They’ve been redesigned into a rounded cube shape, and softer material. Pop them into your dryer and they’ll help to lift and separate clothing fibres, reducing drying time and improving softness, without the need for chemical dryer sheets or fabric softener. The new shape has a larger contact surface, which enables the ‘nodes’ (pointy bits to you and me) to work better. Our customers certainly seem to like them:

“Great! Rather than an hour, I can finish off the drying in 15 - 20 minutes.” J.H, London

“We certainly haven't noticed a difference in the softness of our clothes since stopping using fabric softener, and probably won't buy any fabric softener again!” Y.B, Uxbridge

Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks 

Drain cleaning – not the most exciting topic, and not the way you particularly want to spend a Saturday morning. Thankfully, Ecozone has made it very simple. Drop one Drain Cleaning Stick down the plughole and walk away. That’s it. The stick’s powerful natural bacteria and enzymes will work to break down grease, fat and other waste that makes its way down the plughole. Your drains are less likely to get blocked, and less likely to smell. Each stick last one month, and there’s 12 in a packet, so you get up to 12 months cleaning power at a very reasonable price. And no toxic nasties!

“Love these got rid of nasty niffs,” T.H, Daventry

Now it’s worth noting that the Drain Cleaning Sticks are designed to prevent problems, rather than tackle blockages. If your sink is already blocked, you’ll need to use the Ecozone Drain Unblocker.


Ecozone Bug Repellents

While many of our customers are animal lovers, most don’t want to share their homes with dust mites, moths and other bugs. Unfortunately, we don’t really want to cover our homes in insecticides either. Aromatherapy can certainly help – lavender and cedar to keep the moths at bay, for instance – but it’s not always easy to use. So Ecozone’s new bug repellents are likely to prove very popular.

First off, Naturally Formulated Dust Mite Stopper. Just spray a light mist over mattresses, sofas and other soft furnishings every six months. Simple. Not only does it tackle current infestations, it also helps to prevent them returning. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals*, so it’s pet friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Next up, natural Moth Repellent. Formulated with essential oils and water, it helps to keep moths well away from your clothes, bedding and other materials you don’t want ending up riddled with holes. Just spray with a light mist every couple of months. It’s suitable for all fabrics and, again, there’s no harsh chemicals* to worry about.

Finally, natural Spider Repellent. Now, some members of our team happily welcome spiders into their home, to help catch any flies. Others get incredibly irritated by hard to reach cobwebs, and some of us have been known to shriek for Britain at the mere glimpse of a spider. The latter two groups are stocking up on Ecozone’s Spider Repellent. It keeps spiders at bay without harming them. Just spray around doors, window frames and other areas where spiders might try to enter. The Spider Repellent contains peppermint oil*, so you’ll want to avoid soft furnishings, skin and eyes.

Ecozone has a huge range of planet and people friendly products, including descalers, dishwasher tablets, toilet cleaner and laundry solutions.

*Essential oils aren’t safe to drink and can irritate the skin, so do always keep household products out of reach of children.