Top cleaning tips (including a few you’ll never have thought of)

Spring might be the traditional time for a good scrub, but I don’t know about you… in my house cleaning isn’t seasonal (although I’ll admit to being a touch obsessive).  

There are plenty of amazing green cleaning products on BigGreenSmile that do exactly what they say on the packet … for laundry click here to browse our range, for dishwashing click here, general household jobs are all covered here … but what about that baked on rust you just can’t shift, or nail varnish stains from your teenager’s pj party?  How can you get rid of that smell or stain from cat pee, or clean the cymbals on your drum kit? (Seriously!) 

Here we share cleaning tips from the BigGreenSmile team, including some great ideas from YOU, our customers. 


1. Limescale. As well as our limescale removers, a spray of white vinegar is great for descaling those nasty stains on taps … (you know the powdery bits that show up in sunlight?). Just spray it on, leave for a few minutes, then wipe and voila! For stubborn stains, try soaking cotton wool in the vinegar and covering the taps, then leave for an hour and wash off.


2. Cat pee. Another great use for white vinegar from one of our customers. ‘Used this for getting rid of smell and stain from cat pee along with bicarbonate of soda. J. H., Usk. For carpets and upholstery simply mix two parts water with one part vinegar, pour over the affected area and work in well with a damp cloth. Repeat several times and allow to dry. Sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda, work it into the carpet, allow to dry, then vacuum … and good luck with the litter training!


3. Baked on food. We’ve all done it … burnt the lasagne or roast (well Strictly was on) and we’re left with a pan full of trouble … Soda Crystals can help. Simply dissolve some in warm water, add them to your pot or pan (please note they don’t like aluminium or lacquered surfaces) and soak overnight. No elbow grease required.


4. Cymbals. Music to our ears and a great customer tip for using Bar Keepers Friend I use it for cleaning my Cymbals on my drum kit T. D., Coventry. Just put some on a cloth, polish and sparkle as you crash.


5. Nail varnish. Alma Win Orange Oil can be used undiluted to clean up all sorts of nasty stains including grease, fat and even nail varnish (just test the surface first). We’re also reliably informed that once diluted it’s gentle enough to wash paintwork or the outside of your caravan!

6. Stained mugs. Bio-D Laundry Bleach can be used to remove stains from mugs. Just add a scoop to water and soak, then say bye to that tea that’s been there for months.

7. Pet bedding. You don’t need nappies to use Bio-D’s nappy fresh. It’s gentle enough to wash pet bedding, AND can be used to soak tea towels when they need a spruce up. 


8. Paintwork. They say white bread can be used to rub fingerprints off wallpaper, but if you want clean paintwork try Ecover’s Multi-Surface Spray. For small surfaces use it undiluted and for larger surfaces try diluting with water.


9. Light switches and phones. Here’s a customer tip for using Method’s Tub + Tile flushable wipes outside of the bathroom. I love these wipes. I use them all over my home not just the bathroom. Great for cleaning phones and light switches etc... D. R., Stratford-upon-Avon. That’s the kind of cleaning we like … nice and easy!


10. Unblocking drains. Our Borax substitute has a multitude of uses - it’s … great for unblocking drains and using in toilet. would recommend to everyone M. S., liverpool or Cleaning down walls before painting. R. S., NORWICH.

11. Naturally scented washing. Have you ever thought of adding an essential oil to your wash cycle (when you’d normally add fabric softener?) a few drops can leave your laundry smelling mmmmmmm.  

So that’s it, top tips for easy natural cleaning. Go forth and sparkle!