Kate turns to organic scented candles to help morning sickness

The Duchess of Cambridge is still battling morning sickness with the help of some organic scented candles.

Kate has been using South African essential oil candles, according to the Yahoo lifestyle website.

They’re scented with oils made from the buchu, a rare plant found in South Africa.

The website reports that they smell similar to blackcurrants and the plant is used in Africa as a treatment for sickness.

Kate has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of “morning sickness” and was hospitalised with it earlier in her pregnancy.

She’s now in the second trimester of her pregnancy but apparently is still suffering with sickness.

The royal has also been trying to tackle the problem with lavender biscuits, it has been reported, which are also supposed to help morning sickness.

Some aromatherapy essential oils can be helpful in pregnancy, but it is recommended to wait until the second trimester before using them, and some are not recommended in pregnancy at all, such as clary sage and basil, so check guidelines before you use them.
[Image: Tom Soper Photography] 

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