Simple water-saving measures in schools could save £14 million

Fitting a few simple water-saving gadgets in a large school could save up to 3,130 litres a day, or 610,000 litres a year, according to Waterwise.

Schools in the UK spend at least £70 million a year on water bills. As Jacob Tompkins, managing director at Waterwise, pointed out: "Simple retrofits could save £14 million pounds. That’s a lot of teachers!"

He went on to say: "Heating, pumping and treating water and waste water uses a lot of energy. Improving water efficiency in schools will also help meet the UK’s legally binding goals of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 34% in 2020, and will save schools extra money on their energy bills. That’s even more teachers!"

The retrofits would include dual-flush toilet valve conversions, cistern dams, sensor-flushing urinals, and aerators in taps. Doing this could lead to savings on average of £1,370 a year per school.

You can do your own retrofit on a smaller scale with a Hippo in your cistern and aerated shower head. You might not save £1,370 a year but you will save money, and, along the way, the planet.

[Image: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M]

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