Fashionable monkey found in Ikea!

We’re all fans of nature here at Big Green Smile – but we don’t expect to see it trotting around Ikea.

A monkey wearing a pretty cool winter jacket and a nappy has become an internet star after being spotted by shoppers at an Ikea in Toronto.

The rhesus macaque, which was wearing a miniature shearling jacket, was seen wandering about the car park before going inside the store and eventually being captured.

According to the Daily Mail, Canadian police said: “It’s a smart monkey.” Obviously. Dumb monkeys would only have made it as far as the pound shop.

It’s thought the monkey had escaped from a car, and the Mail reports that its owners came forward after the incident, and now face a $240 fine for having an illegal pet.

The news and pictures of the monkey quickly went viral on Twitter and Facebook, making the creature a worldwide star. Expect movie offers to come flooding in…