Bulldog founder Simon Duffy shares the secrets of his success

Simon Duffy, the founder of Bulldog Natural Skincare, has been sharing the secrets of his success in a new interview.

Bulldog is now the UK’s fastest growing skin care brand for men, and Simon told The Chap blog this is because it’s different from every other brand in the men’s market.

“Before I started Bulldog I thought that the choices for male skin care products offered by the typical mainstream brands were actually incredibly boring,” he told The Chap.

“This is right through from their conventional formulations to the way they market their products as ‘For Men’ versions of traditionally female brands.

“They all seem to be doing everything in exactly the same way. With Bulldog we wanted to do things differently and set out to design amazing natural products that men would really enjoy using.

“Since we launched Bulldog in the UK in July 2007 we have found that more and more British men are becoming interested in natural products. We see this demand growing in years to come.”

[Image: Bulldog]

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