More people 'are looking for green products'

Consumers in the UK are increasingly paying attention to whether the items they buy are eco products.

According to research by OgilvyEarth, the number of people looking at the social and environmental credentials of products and services has gone up by 29 per cent in the last year.

However, many people expressed concern that some businesses could put their environmental commitments and responsibilities aside because of the economic downturn, the Independent reports.

If these fears turn out to be justified, companies are likely to face a strong backlash from consumers.

A large proportion suggested that if a firm does go against its environmental pledge, they will not buy goods or services from it again.

The will of the people could be a strong motivator for businesses to put more green products on sale and make sure they operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Only last week, a poll by WorldPublicOpinion found that most people in countries such as the UK, France and the US want their government to put ecological concerns further up the agenda.

Consumer-facing businesses and politicians need to keep the population happy, so let's hope that people power can make a positive difference in this case.
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