Natural cleaning 'does not have to be taken to extremes'

Natural cleaning While many Britons are keen to do their bit to look after the environment, keeping their homes and belongings clean without turning to products pumped full of chemicals may still feel difficult.

However, according to one firm, keeping things natural does not have to become a chore in itself.

A recent advert from Ecover shows one woman explaining that there are so many cleaning brands telling her that they are environmentally-friendly, when in a lot of incidents this is not the case.

As a result, she opts to ensure she is naturally cleaning her clothes by standing over an erupting geyser.

However, as Ecover points out, natural cleaning does not have to be taken to such extreme lengths.

The firm produces a range of products that use natural ingredients to ensure the best clean without damaging the environment, and even the packaging is recyclable.

Ecover only uses sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients in its products to ensure they achieve the lowest level of toxicity possible.
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