Green chemistry is improving our personal care products

Green chemistry is making huge strides in the fields of natural beauty, natural hair care, natural deodorants and natural dental care.

So what is "green chemistry"? Otherwise known as sustainable chemistry, it's the development of chemical products and processes which reduce or eliminate the use or creation of hazardous substances.

Companies are mixing naturally sourced ingredients with safer, effective synthetic ingredients in cases where synthetics cannot be avoided completely.

There are many benefits of green chemistry, according to Natural Cosmetic News, including the fact that it helps prevent waste, which is easier than cleaning up or treating waste later.

The synthetic methods used are also designed to use and generate substances with little or no toxicity to humans or the environment.

Green chemists are designing safer chemicals and the products created break down at the end of their function, becoming harmless.

Sounds like a good thing all round, doesn't it? 

[Image: Saginaw Future] 
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