Latino men are more likely to buy natural men's beauty products

Latino men are more likely to buy organic and natural men’s beauty products, according to a new study.

Latinos in the USA have also increased their spending on personal care products and services overall by 41% between 2000 and 2009, compared to an increase of 15% for non-Latinos.

The report, by Packaged Fact, shows that Latino men and Latinas are becoming increasingly important to the cosmetics industry, according to Inside Cosmeceuticals.

“Latino men are much more likely than men on average to use skin care products such as moisturisers and facial cleansing products,” says Inside Cosmeceuticals.

“Both Latino men and Latinas are more likely to choose scented products in the deodorant category, and Latino men are more likely to choose scented shaving cream. Frequent tooth brushing and flossing, additionally, is a characteristic of both Latino men and Latinas.

“Latinos are more likely than consumers on average to be attracted to products positioned as organic and natural, a pattern that holds for Latino men as well as Latinas.”

[Image: amslerPIX]

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