Rebekah Brooks - was her big hair a symbol of power?

There’s been one hair style you just couldn’t miss over the last few weeks - Rebekah Brooks’ red curls have been springing off the pages of every national newspaper.

The former chief executive of News International was eventually forced to step down from her high-powered job after being embroiled in the phone-hacking scandal. 

Viv Groskop, writing in the Evening Standard, says Brooks’ natural hair style was a symbol of her power.

“Her look is natural,” says Groskop. “It says: ‘I do not waste time at the salon. Don't mess with me.’ Big hair with no effort. That is real power. Or at least it was for Brooks.”

According to Groskop, big hair is always impressive. “If you have it you either are important or you want to be. Big hair cannot be ignored. It is big for a reason,” she says.

However, that big hair is looking a bit less impressive since Brooks’ fall from grace. I wonder how bouncy those curls were after a few hours in police custody…

[Image: ssoosay]

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